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How Plexus Worldwide Contributes to World Hunger

Anywhere you look, you will see many companies that sell a range of health and wellness products. For most people, they don’t buy products for their health on a whim unless they are sure that they can benefit from them. With Plexus, you can rest assured that your health and well-being is their focus. The popularity of the company isn’t only directed to the high-quality products they provide their consumers. In addition to providing their consumers with top-notch health products, they also see to it that they give back to those in need.

For the past years, the company sees to it that they provide for those who need the most through their initiatives. For instance, the company created the Nourish One Initiative to help feed the hungry from around the world. The company strives to partner with international organizations to keep their initiatives going. As part of their Nourish One Initiative, they have a new international partner for combatting worldwide hunger. They currently partnered with Mary’s Meals. This charity aims to feed 1.3 million children around the world each day to end global child hunger. Plexus pledges to make donations to the charity for each international serving sold from its Plexus Lean product line.

Before this, Plexus announced a $25,000 USD donation to Mary’s Meals during their Super Saturday event in varying cities both in Canada and in the United States. This initial donation has created 250,000 meals for children through the community-run school feeding programs of the charity.

Plexus CEO and Founder, Tarl Robinson, was happy to announce the partnership of Plexus and Mary’s Meals. This partnership is very important because it paves the way for a sustainable solution for child hunger experienced in the poorest communities. The initial donation by the company is just the beginning of this promising partnership. With the support from thousands of Plexus Ambassadors from Canada, the company strives to make a difference through every sale of Plexus Lean meal replacement shakes.

Mary’s Meals will not be a success without its community volunteers. With their help, the organization established feeding programs across seventeen impoverished countries around the globe. Some of these countries include India, Kenya, Malawi, Haiti, Liberia, Syria, and Thailand. Their programs are centered on not only feeding children but encouraging them to go to school than beg or work for food.

As the organization partners with Plexus, they are excited to reach out to people globally and make them aware that there are over 61 million children who suffer from hunger. Plexus pledges to support volunteers of the organization to provide education and nourishment to children in suffering from poverty wherever they live. These children have no choice over their circumstances. The donations provided by the partnership will provide these children and their families a way out of poverty.

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